Scheduling: As I have a full schedule each week the earlier the notice of a change in lesson

time the greater the chance that I will be able to accommodate your request. The more notice I

receive, the more flexible I can be for everyone! Please make sure you contact me at least 24 hours in

advance (see cancellation policy)

Lessons: Please be on time for your lesson. If you are too early this can interrupt my current

lesson and if you are late this can eat into your lesson time. I am working very hard to schedule time

between lessons so that I have an opportunity to take a break and/or prepare for my next lesson.

Please help me by being on time.

Cancellations: If lessons are not canceled and rescheduled 24 hours in advance, fees for the

missed lesson will be due at the following lesson, if they have not been paid in advance. Without advance notice I am unable to

schedule in another lesson and/or use the time productively. I understand sometimes things

come up unexpectedly, I will be as flexible as I can be to reschedule a missed lesson.

I would prefer that lessons be paid for on a monthly basis, on the first lesson of the month

for the appropriate number of lessons in a given month (i.e. if there are 5 "Tuesdays" in a month)

If you would prefer to pay per lesson, please let me know in advance, and we will

work something out.


For payment I accept:

Cash, Check, VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER, American Express, and PayPal